Acworth and Woodstock Garage Door Openers

Linear LSO 50Elite SeriesGenir Opener

In recent years garage door openers have become an important part of  home access and security. Garage door openers do not  just open and close garage doors, but they also make a good locking system. It is also common to use the garage door for routine trips in and out of  the house. For this reason garage doors and openers require more maintenance and repairs than in the past. When you push that button and the door won’t open or close it can be a serious problem. It is hard to make it to work when your car is stuck in the garage, and it is hard to sleep at night when you know your garage door is stuck in the open position. Electric openers are no longer considered a luxury item, they are now more of a necessity. CSS  Garage Doors installs and repairs garage door openers. We can repair or install whatever brand you have or want. Our trucks are fully stocked with most of the parts that commonly need replacing like gears, trolleys, circuit boards, capacitors, or even new electric openers. Call us today if you are in need of new garage door openers or opener repair.


Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers are usually used as the most basic electric opener model. A chain drive opener works great and usually lasts a long time. Sometimes chain drives work better than belt drive openers when the door it is attached to is very heavy. The disadvantage to using a chain drive system is chain itself  make more noise than a belt. The chain is also heavier than a belt and requires more tension to keep the chain from sagging which in turn shortens the life of the gear system. Chain drive openers can be purchased as 1/3, 1/2, or 3/4 horse power and can be mounted on different grade motors. When shopping for a basic chain drive opener we usually recommend the Linear LDO 50 which we find to be the most user friendly and reliable brand made. Lift Master and Genie also make good openers if you favor the more well known name brands, but are not made to last as long as a Linear.


Belt Drive Openers

Linear DC BeltBelt Drive Belt Opener

Belt drive openers are very nice because they often make little to no noise. Many modern openers have a DC powered motor which is much quieter than the old AC powered motors. Our first choice for belt drive openers is the Linear LDCO800 which is the quietest opener made. The Linear LDCO800 is a DC powered belt driven opener with battery back up options available. These openers are silent and strong with lifetime warranties on the belt and motor.

Jack Shaft Openers

Jack shaft openers are a direct drive opener, made to attach to a torsion spring system. Jack shaft openers do not work with extension spring systems and can be modified to work  for most commercial set ups. The jack shaft motor is usually considered a higher end type opener with a DC motor which is very quiet. Jack shaft motors do not have an opener rail like standard openers and mount to the side of a door on the torsion tube. Jack shaft openers work great for high lift track systems or situations where an opener rail is not desired. Jack Shaft openers  are usually the most expensive type of opener to install for residential garage doors, but they are necessary in some situations and they are the best openers out there.


3800Linear light duty

Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive openers are more problematic than the chain drive, belt drive, or jack shaft openers. For that reason we do not offer any screw drive openers unless a customer insists. Screw drive openers usually get louder over time, and the screw system requires more maintenance than any other system. Newer models of the screw drive system have continued to have some defective issues and for these reasons we would rather not install screw drive openers.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

We can repair your older broken openers in most cases if  it is not more than 15 years old. The motors in openers usually out last the gears and other parts around the motor. We stock gears, trolleys, circuit boards, safety eyes, and many other small opener parts so that we can usually repair your opener on the spot. Repairing an opener is often a good choice because the motors last so long, but we never guarantee parts that we did not replace. Call us today for garage door openers and opener repairs in Acworth, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Marietta, and Canton, Ga.


Contact us today and ask for a garage door opener quote. We offer top quality openers for affordable prices.

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